Class & Courses FAQs

Q) What classes do you offer?
A) We have a classes available on Monday-Saturday. Please view our most up to date timetable at

Q) Can I just turn up?
A) We recommend you to register through our website first at you will need to sign our PARQ (physical activity readiness questionnaire) before you can partake in the class. This can be completed online once you have registered. However, if you are unable to register online, please simply email let us know you are coming as we wouldnt want you to miss out! Please make sure to turn up 10mins before the class so you are able to read and sign our parq form before the class starts.

Q) Can I pay as I go?
A) Yes of course! Classes are £6 per session on a pay as you go rate. You can simply book online by selecting the class you wish to attend or by choosing ‘1 x class pass’ at Please note, you will need to have registered your bank details for payment.

Q) It is asking me for a direct debit, I don’t want to set up a direct debit?
A) The direct debit references your agreement with your bank and our processor (gocardless) to allow funds to be withdrawn and this does not set up a recurring payment. The system will ask you to put in your bank details once, however payment will only be taken for the membership option that you have selected. If you are paying as you go, you will only be charged for each class that you book.

Q) When does the direct debit come out?
Payments are requested from members around 5 days prior to the end of the month but won’t leave your bank account until 1st of the month.

Q) How much is it?
A) You can PAYG for as little as £6 per session, however if you are attending weekly we offer direct debits to save you money.

Q) I am not going be able to make classes for a couple of weeks, what can I do?
A) If you have a membership and can’t attend a class, you can always roll this over to the following week. If you are away for a longer period of time, please get in touch ( and we will happily put your membership on hold. 

Q) Will I be signing into a contract?
A) No, there are no joining fees and you are free to cancel your membership at any time. Please note, to stop the following months direct debit, please cancel with 7 days notice.

Q) Will I always have a space at the classes?
A) Yes, at Applebees Fitness we only sell enough memberships for the amount of spaces that we have. If you have a membership, you are able to set up a recurring booking to reserve your space. If you can’t that class, you can simply remove yourself from the class.

Q) Where are the classes based?
A) Classes are based at COACH, French Weir, Taunton. When you register for a class, you will be sent a confirmation email with directions on where to go and the door code to access the studio.

Q) Is everyone really fit? I’m worried that I’ll be rubbish!
A) We have a variety of clients, ageing from 16-65 all at different levels of strength and fitness. Your exercises will be adapted by your instructor to suit your current level and progress it as you get fitter and stronger.

Q) How old do you have to be to come along?
A) You must be 16 to attend our classes. However you are able to attend with a parent/guardian from the age of 14.

Q) Can I try the classes first before I sign up?
A) Of course! We offer a free class trial to anyone who is looking to join us! See our class bookings page to create an account and book.

Q) How do I add a discount code?
We use goteamup for all our class, course and PT bookings. On reaching the payment screen for your chosen activity you will have the option to add a discount code. Please enter the one you have been given to apply your discount. If you have any difficulties then just contact us.

Q) I don’t have any childcare, can my children come along?
A) yes, during the summer months we will be enjoying the lovely outside space and weather. However, during the winter season please simply get in contact first as there will be limited space available. We also run Workout and Play classes where we provide a safe space for your child to play (children up to 5).

Q) How much notice do I have to give to cancel my class membership?
7 days prior to the end of the month, This ensures your next months payment is not requested. You can cancel online through your goteamup account

Q) How do I cancel my direct debit?
You will need to do this with your bank, either online or in person.

Q) How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?
Login to your goteamup account, click on memberships, click on your active membership, in the top rectangular box you will see and upgrade / downgrade button. Press this and chose the appropriate option and start date. If you are downgrading you may need to cancel recurring reservations before the option to downgrade becomes available

Q) Can I share my membership?
Unfortunately not, membership is not transferable but we offer some great membership packages to suit everyone.