Specialist areas: pre and postnatal nutrition & exercise and Pilates

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2016 after spending the last ten years building my knowledge up through my own interest of working out in the gym and setting myself new targets every time something became easy or a bit boring!

I wasn’t into fitness at school much, although I did find I got competitive on sports days! I really found a love for it when I was 19; I started going to circuit sessions with my dad and enjoyed the competitiveness and the strength and fitness that developed as a result.

When my dad fell ill in 2013 with pneumonia he was told his survival was down to the fact he was so active and healthy. He was in ITU for two weeks and an inpatient for over a month; when he was discharged there was little direction for him to follow to build his strength and fitness back to where it was. Between us, we built his fitness from the wheelchair back to where it was previously. Today he is over 70 years old and still goes to circuit sessions as well as steps and Zumba three times a week!

I decided to qualify as a PT as my aim eventually is to specialise in rehabilitation but I’m hugely excited about my journey to get there and am excited to help any person who feels they would benefit; from the person who wants to start their fitness journey but is lacking motivation or confidence to the person who once had it but has somewhere along the way, lost it a little.

I believe there is a kind of fitness for everyone and a different approach can make all the difference – shouting can be helpful for some but for others a more gentle approach is needed. I will tailor your fitness journey to achieve your targets and will encourage in the best way for you!

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