After discovering exercise that I genuinely loved and experiencing all the positive effects on my own health, I re-trained and qualified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in 2016. Since then, I have had an amazing time training a diverse array of clients, helping them discover a way of moving and an approach to exercise that really works for them and their lifestyles too. 

My main passion is for Strength Training, Functional Movement and Core Engagement, to get our entire body feeling stronger and moving better. I love kettlebells, weight and resistance training, bodyweight strength exercises (with a personal passion for pull ups and push ups!) and Pilates. 

For me, the best training, is movement that focusses on;

Creating a strong core and a solid foundation; 

Builds overall body strength;

Gets us moving well and feeling better in our every day movement.

And most importantly leaves us feeling positive and good about the exercise we are doing.

I believe there is a way of moving for everyone. Whether you are moving for strength, mobility, fitness or rehabilitation, finding exercise that you enjoy and that works with your lifestyle is where you will also find long term success and improved health.