Health MOT

ONLY £45*

Health MOT Package Includes:

  • 1 x 55min Session
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight & measurements
  • Fat & muscle %
  • Calorie targets
  • Posture & mobility​​
  • ​Flexibility testing​​​

Our HEALTH MOT is exactly that. We will deliver a session that will give you a clearer idea of where you are with your health. The session isn’t intrusive or a beasting, more of a collection of results for you to reflect and act upon. 

We will initally test your blood pressure to get a better understanding of the type of training that will be most appropriate for you. Following this we will do your weight & body measurements, this will also include fat and muscle mass %. We will guage your results with the norms along with your BMI. Once these results have been collected we will discuss your goals, and complete your starter pack questions to get an idea of your mindset, diet and training habits and set clear targets for you to aim for going forward.

Once we have an idea of where your focuses need to be, we will finish the session off with your posture analysis and flexibility testing to find any imbalances you may have, along with guaging your current mobility.

**If you have chosen the Kickstarter/Goal Focused package the flexibilty testing will be delivered on your 2nd session. We will then complete your HEALTH MOT with performance testing to be able to set you up with an individualised program for the following session.**

*Price is for training at ​​​​our private PT studio @ ​​​COACH, French Weir Park
Travel to your home address is available for a small travel fee