Having never done a class in my life…..Ben helped me gain confidence to do this!

“Back earlier in the year I was nominated on Facebook to do the 22 Press-up Challenge by a friend of mine, also one of Ben’s clients. I attempted to carry out the challenge and failed miserably. Managed all of 5 press ups if I recall correctly.

I was getting bored of the same routine and not seeing any real benefit. I decided something had to be done and called Ben. Since then he has helped me improve my strength and better understand the importance of a well balanced diet. After 10 sessions with Ben I managed to smash the press ups and do 37 in 60 seconds. 🙂
In addition he has got me doing the FireFit weekly sessions over the summer and now onto the HIITFIT durning the winter. Having never done a class in my life, due to total lack of confidence, I felt this was a real achievement and was amazing fun.

Thanks Ben, couldn’t have done it without you!

Designation: IT Consultant