You’ll be greeted with a big smile and welcomed as a friend!

In March 2016 I was a size 16 and felt so unhappy and unhealthy; I knew I needed a change in lifestyle. To start with, my weight loss was slow but I was starting to exercise and eat better. I heard about HIITFIT in January 2017 and felt like it was exactly what I needed to up my game! I was worried that I wasn’t fit enough but Ben and Sarah greeted us straight away and everyone else was so friendly that I felt at ease.

As the weeks have gone on I find myself able to work harder and faster; my stamina, fitness, strength and confidence has increased massively. Ben is very encouraging and has complete faith in all of us that we can achieve our goals. I am now a healthy size 10-12 (and increasingly more a size 8!); not far off my goal of being a size 8-10 and being able to sustain that. I’m more toned now than I have been for years, which I didn’t think was possible this time last year. Due to Ben’s infectious enthusiasm for exercise I’ve now taken up running and may attempt a 5k run… one day! Ben gives great advice regarding healthy living and is never too busy if you want to ask questions or talk about something. Also, Ben’s helped me to become more motivated and the classes are full of variety; the boxing is always my favourite part!

I would absolutely encourage anyone to join Ben’s HIITFIT classes. Ben’s created a positive and fun atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. Everyone works to their own ability and there’s no need to fear embarrassment or finding the exercises too difficult due to a injury; Ben takes this into consideration and is happy to tailor the exercises to your needs as appropriate. You’ll be greeted with a big smile and welcomed as a friend!

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