Postnatal Fitness Course

Course running on Mondays – 10am. New course starting 23rd November 2020

Just £99 for 8 weeks👍

Run by Harriet, our Level 3 personal trainer qualified in pre and postnatal exercise, this course focuses on learning how to adapt and strengthen your body through simple, safe, effective exercises that will help you recover and regain any confidence you may have lost in pregnancy. Each 30 minute session will focus on a different area of your body through discussion and exercise.

We advise that you do not undertake this course prior to your 6 week postnatal GP check. If you gave birth by caesarean section please wait until 12 weeks following birth to begin the course.

We are following appropriate government guidance to ensure the safety of everyone participating. Please take a moment to view our covid19 procedures

Week 1 – Identifying how our bodies have changed post pregnancy and how to adapt exercises to suit each individual. Checking for Diastasis Recti and introduction to postural correction, basic stretching and gentle post natal exercises.

Week 2 – Glute activation! Towards the latter stages of pregnancy glutes become lazy and as the hips are put under more pressure the lower body is weakened and can be put out of balance. We will learn how to correctly activate the glutes and safely strengthen the pelvic area.

Week 3 – Upper body strengthening. Concentrating on the upper body and stretching out the upper back/shoulder area as a lot of time is being spent sitting and standing in uncomfortable positions to feed and comfort your baby.

Week 4 – Introducing gentle and basic core strengthening exercises, adapted to each woman accordingly.

Week 5 – Combining the last four weeks of exercises together to target the whole body. Using this week as a check in on everyone to see how we are progressing and continuing to adapt exercises as needed.

Week 6 – Continuing to adapt and introduce exercises as various post partum bodies adapt differently. Introducing different levels of exercises if safe to do. Introducing some light cardio based exercises.

Week 7 – Involving cardio and whole body strength work, con?nuing to develop exercises where appropriate for each woman.

Week 8 – Evaluating the course and how far each woman has progressed and what has been beneficial. Looking at how to continue involving exercise in our daily routines to progress and help mental and physical wellbeing. Choosing the next step in your fitness journey!