LSL Bootcamp Bookings

You can book in pay as you go or choose a membership to have access to our other locations and activities.

LSL Bootcamp is for all type of fitness level and body shape and is aimed to get your body and mind in the best and most positive shape it can be!

Benefits of this class

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Fitness
  • Exercise outdoors
  • Community

Each week will be 30 minutes of cardio based exercise and 15 minutes will be dedicated to targeting a specific area of the body, ie: core, legs, arms etc. Join in the fun and start your day with a good endorphin boost!

This is a 45 minute workout incorporating equipment and bodyweight exercises, so every week will be a combination of various exercise techniques to challenge your body and get you fitter and stronger!

*NOTE- a Direct debit set up will NOT take payment monthly unless a membership has been chosen.